Homemade .357 borelight

Here’s a fun little MacGuyver project you can easily do yourself for just a few bucks.

You’ll need:

an empty .357mag case
two 377 watch batteries
a small two-way toggle-switch
a large LED (over 9mm dia)
a large rubber eraser
a Bic “round-stic” pen

Tool-wise, you need:

a drill and 3/16” bit
a padded vise or other means to secure the case for drilling
a fine metal file
a pair of wire cutters/pliers
a razor blade

Start by popping out the primer and then drilling a hole through the base of the case (A). Then clip the toggle-switch down to about 1/8” and file it smooth (B). You may also need to slightly file the corners of the switch body to get it to fit in the case. A two-way toggle-switch will have three leads; clip one of the outer ones off, bend the middle one slightly at its tip (to contact the battery) and bend the other outer lead to the side so that it will contact the case-wall.

Insert the switch into the case so that the toggle bar is sticking out of the drilled-out primer hole. If you cut and filed the switch correctly, it will not extend past the casehead, but you will still be able to easily switch it with a fingernail from off (C) to on (D) and back.

Now use the razorblade to cut a section of the Bic pen’s body just under a quarter inch in length (E). This will house the batteries and keep them from contacting the case-wall and shorting out (F).

Next, cut a thin (1/16”) slice from the rubber eraser with the razorblade. Use the .357case to cut out circles from it like a cookie cutter (G)

You may need to file down the plastic of your LED to get it to fit in the case (especially if it is larger than 9mm in diameter). Push one of the eraser circles over the two leads from the LED. Then bend one lead to the side to contact the case-wall (H). Now push the second eraser disc over the remaining lead, and then bend it into a little pigtail to contact the battery (I).

Finally, insert the batteries and push the LED firmly on top of them. Remember, an LED is a diode, so it matters which direction the batteries go in; if your light doesn’t work, pull the batteries out and reverse them.

Now you can easily inspect the bore of your favorite wheelgun!